About Us

110- 123 St George Street, London, ON, N6A 3A1 Canada   |  519-601-8444  |  admin@mhptherapy.com

MHP provides pain management, patient education, and rehabilitiation. The providers at MHP utilizes myofascial techniques, as well as a functional assessment to design a specific treatment protocol. We feel this is the best way to assess and treat patients as it addresses soft tissue and joint biomechanics, as well as neural pathways. In turn, this restores proper motion and function, decreases recovery time, alleviates pain, and maximizes performance.


Chiropractic Initial Assessment - $90                     

Chiropractic Subsequent Visit -   $60

Physiotherapy Initial Assessment - $90

Physiotherapy Subsequent Visit - $60

Custom Orthotics - $400

60 Minute Registered Massage Therapy $85 + hst 

30 Minute Registered Massage Therapy $55 +hst